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Starting A To-Do List? Don’t (by Mark St.Cyr)

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Many of us are going to wake this week and once again try to make or
adhere to some form of “to do” list. My advise is to save yourself the
time – and don’t.

This is heresy for the “getting it done” crowd and I can fully
appreciate that. However, there is a far greater number of people who’ll
sit down with good intentions – start making a list – only to have
feelings of overwhelm as this list morphs in length with something
rivaling Rte. 66.

You start out thinking “OK, just five or so.” Then as you start
writing your mind begins rambling and prompting you as in: “How about
this one? Oh, and what about that one? And – oh crap I really need to
get that one done.” Followed with so many more you begin having anxiety
flashes caused by what now seems like an endless list you’ll never get

So the greatest of all reasoning to cure this dilemma comes forward:
“This is useless. I’ll never get these done. I’m just kidding myself.”
And you put down the pen, the phone, the pad, or close the program which
believe it or not gives you an immediate “Whew! That was a waste a
time. At least I can cross that off the list.”