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Miner Skyfall Continues Apace

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There's no probably no short idea for which I've received more flak over the prior year than miners (symbol GDX). Yes, my analog on them broke, but the fact is that, over time, my bearish disposition on them has been correct.

The breakdown is accelerating. I think this continues to be one of the best shorts out there. The one thing I've learned is not to dare utter such things on ZeroHedge, which tends to be Kook Central. I'll stay here, where a few folks actually don't believe gold is heading to $5,000 an ounce.


AAPL Near Primary Support (by Springheel Jack)

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AAPL blew straight through the support trendline from early 2009 at the open yesterday and is now very close to testing weekly (LOG) rising channel support from 2003. This is AAPL's primary support trendline and a break below it would be a major technical break. Now that AAPL is close to that line I am refining the target to 440 plus or minus 5. If we see this trendline break I then have the next major support level around 360 and it's worth mentioning here that a percentage decline of that magnitude (to 360) from the 2012 high would be in line with the declines in both 2006 and 2008: