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If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It (by phantomcapital)

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Back on January 16th I wrote a post titled "The January Effect" simply stating that the beginning of 2013 looked absolutely identical
to the beginning of 2012.  Given the
selloff over the last week I wanted to go back and see if the 2012 analog was
broken and if it was time to wave the "all clear" flag for the
bears.  Bottom line, the analog is in
full effect and it looks like the bulls have another full month of smooth
sailing ahead.  Again, I'd like to
present the technical analysis via charts with numbers (the numbers are
markers, not wave counts).


$SPX Daily 2012


Gold Teetering on Shelf

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I had gold as my one long position for a few days, with good results, but as I mentioned in my video yesterday, I felt it was time for gold to change course and soften up again. Thus far, it has done so, and as I'm typing this, it's balanced just above 1600, threatening to drop beneath it. I've built up a fairly large short position in GLD with a tight stop at 155.61. (Edit: Ummm, the moment I typed the period to that last sentence, support failed, so……..I'm going to publish this now; the break isn't reflected in the screen shot below).


Hedging GLD As The Herd Shakes Out

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Shaking Out The Herd

In a Slope post on Tuesday ("30.2 Yield Curve And Gold"), Gary Tanashian noted that, "over the last 1.5+ years gold has shaken out the herd". Our host Tim, not one to follow herds, reminded us on Tuesday that he's currently long gold via GLD ("Target on GLD Long Approaching"); nevertheless, according to Reuters, more GLD herd members did get shaken out last month, with the gold ETF seeing a billion dollars in outflows in January. In this post, we'll look at a couple of updated hedges for GLD. First, though, a note about Bernanke's testimony yesterday, and an interesting gold chart Bespoke Investment Group posted in response to it.