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It’s not that big a surprise in this disgustingly Bernanke-manipulated market, but there is yet another Never Seen Before Ever for me to show you. Observe the S&P e-mini:


Notice anything interesting? Yep, it alternates. And it’s been doing so for 15 days.

The odds of this happening in a random environment (say, a coin toss) are, I believe, one in 16,384. I am not a math guy, so I’m assuming the odds are 1 to 2 to the 14th power. And if I’m wrong, and you’re right, well, bite me, because I’ve still got a full head of hair.

Money Flow for April Week One

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Further to¬†my last Weekly Market Update, this week’s update will look at:

  • 6 Major Indices
  • 9 Major Sectors
  • Germany, France, and the PIIGS Indices
  • Emerging Markets ETF (EEM) and BRIC Indices & ETF (BKF)
  • Canadian, Japanese, British, Australian, and World Markets Indices
  • Commodities ETF (DBC), Agricultural ETF (DBA), Gold, Oil, Copper & Silver
  • Major Currencies
  • Comparison of SPX, Gold, USD & USB
  • Comparison of SPX, CRX, USD & USB