I’ve Got a Beautiful Feeling

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Oh, why can’t every morning start out like this? With both the NQ and the ES sporting beautiful failed bullish breakouts? There is nothing on this earth that warms my heart more than the sound of bullish hearts breaking the world over. Even a gaggle of snuggly puppies can’t beat it. And that’s saying a lot, because I really, really like puppies. Satan’s spawn deserves being disappointed, at least every now and then.

0726-es 0726-nq

By the way, I just read a marvelous post from our friends over at ZH about a talk billionaire Seth Klarman gave. It is chock-full of wisdom;check it out.

Oh, in case you somehow missed it, remember to also check out Slope’s latest gift to humanity, SlopeCharts. They rock out with their socks out.