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There are pretty much three days that matter this month (setting aside the silly little oscillation between war-on/war-off that has been happening with respect to Syria lately………..)


  1. The first in our little tic-tac-toe series is this Friday, when the monthly jobs report comes out. This is a big deal, since it’s the last major employment report that takes place before the mid-month Fed decision;
  2. Second (and it should happen during the week of the 9th sometime, but let’s just guess the 12th so the picture looks pretty) is a vote from Congress with respect to actions against Syria;
  3. Finally, the biggest Kahuna of them all, which is the Fed meeting, economic update, and press conference. This is, of course, the first chance of a “taper is starting” announcement, and it’s bound to be a wild day on the ES.

My wild-assed guess as to what’s ahead for this month is as follows: