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EDITOR’S NOTE: Here in California, the market opens at 6:30 in the morning. I typically get up at about 6 a.m. and get ready for the day. At 4:44 a.m., molecool emailed me saying he had put up a “time-sensitive” post and asked me to put it up. It basically called for the market to shoot higher (which, 45 minutes later, it certainly did). I wrote to him and apologized for not posting it, but he’s asked me to post it anyway, just to show what was behind his thinking process; so here ya go:

This is a special early morning briefing as things are on the move on the equities side and there is little time to waste. Overnight equities managed to cover some ground and we are now approaching (or have already breached) several of the inside period long triggers I posted yesterday evening. But what’s even better is how the short term charts are currently lining up with the daily triggers – observe:

Here’s the E-Mini – already touched the upper trigger on the daily but pulled back. The 100-hour SMA happens to be a few ticks away and a breach higher probably sets us up for a run higher. Act accordingly. FWIW – the lower 100-hour BB is also in line with the lower IP candle. So should we see a reversal (anything is possible in this crazy market) then you know what to do as well.

Same idea on the NQ – here we’ve already breached and according to the rules we ought to be long. On the short term panel we’re bumping against the upper 100-hour BB – a breach will be required to open the door for a push higher.

The Russell futures looking like the spoos – here already triggered though. I am personally waiting for a push through that 100-hour SMA though just to be sure. Similar observations to the downside on both the NQ and the TF – we do have valid triggers there as well obviously and once again they sync with our short term panel.

Obviously you do not have to play these inflection points according to our inside period rules. As a matter of fact this may be a great spot to be short with a stop just a few ticks away – you can then flip sides if hourly resistance gets breaches. Either way this is a great spot to get positioned, so have at it! And use our futures risk calculator to make sure you aren’t over exposed – if you don’t know what R refers to then please check out my ‘key concepts‘ page.


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