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Me and My ARO

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A little over a month ago, I did a post about Aeropostale called A Matter of Perspective. The main point of the post was that just because a chart’s price was near the bottom of the graph doesn’t mean the price can’t go lower. Well, now that ARO has posted its “pitiful results”, the stock is slumping 12% after hours, and I imagine a year from now it will be much, much lower. I’ve marked an arrow on ARO to show where it’s trading right now. Firm support is at $0.00. (more…)

Thinking We’re Alone

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Back in the late 1980s, one-hit-wonder Tiffany burst on the scene (or at least burst into malls across the nation). She’s been making music ever since, and I say “good for her!” that she’s still doing what she loves.

I hadn’t thought of her in a long while (and even when she was briefly a big deal, I never listened to her music), but I bring this up because of a cool documentary I saw in Netflix yesterday called I Think We’re Alone Now. It was terrific, so if you’re on Netflix, check it out. I have known plenty of people just like the lunatics featured in the documentary, and if we’re ever together and you buy me a couple of beers, I could tell you some stories. Check out the trailer: (more…)