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There Is No Coin

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In the midst of this strange day I saw something very funny on twitter, which was an analyst saying that ‘Bitcoin is a virtual currency without any value anchor so ….’ As opposed to what I wonder? In a world where vast quantities of new money are being created, and where respected economists are starting to mention seriously the possibility that the Fed could or should buy some or all of the US National Debt back with an even larger flood of newly created digital dollars, one can’t help wondering where real currency with a solid value anchor might exist. I am no Bitcoin fan but it’s hard in the world we see around us to deny the advantages of a having access to a currency that cannot be debased by central bankers. (more…)

And Here Comes the Fed

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I suspect I’ll be busy dodging bullets for the afternoon, so I’m just going to toss up this fitting image to give me some breathing room while managing my positions through the tumult


By the way, some of you have received spam from the SocialTrade system from a “” (or something like that). The system doesn’t “reveal” your email to anyone, although apparently it can still let junk like this find its way to you through SocialTrade. Rest assured we’ll track down this bug and nuke it.