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The Bull On Bossy

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Maybe you haven’t noticed but there seems to now be a new war on words, that word today is “bossy.” Now before I start, let me make this declarative statement that’s now a near prerequisite when one states an opinion on what the “opinion police” will declare as off-limits territory.

I understand words have impact, I understand whole heartily words can both hurt as well as lift up. However, I am also adult enough to understand mixed messaging, good intentions gone awry, and out right hypocrisy when I see it. And this latest campaign seems to reek of not only the aforementioned, but quite possibly be sending exactly the wrong message rather than the right one. (more…)

Adding Downside Protection To Biogen

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Biotech stocks took a beating on Friday, with the ETF that tracks them, iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB), down 4.74% on the day. One of the harder hit biotechs was Biogen (BIIB), which was down 8.22% on the day. Despite the drop, Biogen had one of the 10 highest expected returns of the securities in Portfolio Armor’s universe as of Friday’s close. In case its actual return over the next several months ends up being in the opposite direction, here are a couple of ways to hedge it. (more…)