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About Time, Coach!

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Coach (COH) tumbled nearly 10% this morning, and I was glad to see that, since I’ve had this short for ages, and it never seemed to do anything. I decided to do a follow-up post on Coach, so I looked at the Slope archives and found this post about a different COH short I had back in October which also worked out. Besides the saucy picture, one thing that amused me was what I wrote: “My Coach short finally worked out nicely. I think it’ll ultimately be much, much lower, but I’ve covered it for now.” (more…)


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In spite of the late-day run-up, I had a pretty terrific day. Both my options and my equity accounts appreciated, and my equity portfolio beat the general indexes by 100 basis points, approximately (in other words, if the market is up 0.50%, I expect to be down 0.50%; but if it’s up 0.50% and I’m also up 0.50%, and I’m entirely short, I consider that a 100-point beat, which is really, really cool). It goes without saying that when the market was down earlier in the day, I was really up.

It’s not all sunshine and petunias, however. As I’ve stated before, my fear is biting me in the ass, and I’ve really got to let these positions blossom (or, in my case, rot). Here are a couple of put options I sold at a profit, only to see the profit become more………errr………profitable. (more…)