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Many of you probably heard the news yesterday that teachers unions received a nasty (and well-deserved) blow from the Los Angeles Superior Court. I grew up in a fiercely anti-union household, and as a child, if I did a poor job making my bed, my mother would scowl and angrily say, “Union Worker!” I knew at that point I damned well better do the bed properly.

Mercifully, as a businessman, I never had to deal with any union issues. I did, however, at one point have to grapple with a salaried employee who, years into her employment, decided to get cute and threaten a state case to retrieve overtime wages based on the idea her job should have been an hourly one. She did not prevail. But it deepened my dislike for any prospective interference of the state into such matters. (more…)

Behold Marty’s Wrath

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As regular Slopers know, I have resorted to voodoo to knock down the market during those instances when I find it annoying (which, recently, has been constantly). My tool, of course, is Marty the child-loving, cannibalistic puppet from Joy Junction. Being from Louisiana, I am utterly comfortable with voodoo, and I have no compunction about drawing from the forces of dark powers to assert my desire onto the financial markets. The fact that – for the moment at least – we are seeing a triple-digit down day on the Dow, borders on the miraculous.