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Yet Another Occasional Winner

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Good God, this trading business is for the birds. There’s no such thing as a real vacation. Particularly when I’ve got a blog that I feel compelled to contribute to (although I’m insanely grateful to iggy and contributors for keeping things going).

Anyway, there are a ton of success stories lately with ideas offered here, but one I’ll toss out is Ocwen Financial, which I’ve been harping on endlessly both here and on Tastytrade. My options are zooming higher today. I’ve closed 25% of the position but am cheerfully holding on to the rest for potentially bigger profits.


How to Build a Momo Stock Screen – (by RayW)

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Another first timer, thanks to RayW and I look forward to other Slopers submitting their thoughts, methodologies or any random tidbits they wish to share.  Send to iggyslopefest at gmail dot com.

How to Build a Momo Stock Screen (Works Up or Down)

It’s all about the percentages, not about prices.

1. Using the screener first select Average Volume “Over 100K” per day.

This is to keep the bid/ask spreads as narrow as possible.

Greater volume means thinner B/A spreads, means a smaller fool’s premium paid to market maker for bid over ask.

Don’t just give away money on fat spreads of thinly traded stocks.


Wednesday’s Interesting Charts

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I think I’m going to be uncreative this week and, at the end of each day, just toss out a bunch of charts that I found had interesting market action that day and share a few words about each of them. Maybe tomorrow, when I’m semi-conscious and less jet-lagged, I’ll do better. Here goes….

The Dow Jones Composite has finally, fully, broken its wedge. Hurrah! This is a good thing. Next goal: break the green!



Be Prepared (by DavRav)

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Another guest post, this time by DavRAV, which is greatly appreciated as TK continues his worldwide tour…..

I’ve been lurking here for more than a year, and I really appreciate all of the posts and comments. There are links to great videos, analysis, insight, humor … everything under the sun. Thanks to everyone.

I don’t have anything to add as far as trading method because anything I include I would just be clutter. I occasionally post links, if I think they are valuable. (more…)