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Just The Stats Ma’am

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Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it
– George Sanatanaya in The Life of Reason 1905

I’m hoping some of you guys took the ES trade I laid out at the bottom of my post yesterday. I only took it half size as I had to be out for the first ninety minutes but shortly after my return I cashed up a very nice +32 from shorting 2012 on an order I left on when I went out, and went long at 1979 shortly afterwards. If you took the trade I would mention in passing that I have a donate button on the right hand side of my blog, and I’m currently putting together some funds for having a professional makeover on the blog, and am hoping to do that from donated funds to avoid changing my blog from being a cheap hobby into being an expensive hobby. 🙂

That long trade is the one I want to talk about this morning, as I have been getting quite a few comments that the main top is in and that the current decline may well run away. Anything can happen, but I’ll explain at least why historically that would be very surprising. (more…)

Deflation or Inflation?

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At the prodding of an NFTRH subscriber who was combing through old issues, I went back and read NFTRH 7, from November of 2008 and was struck by how things have really not changed in the last 6 years of non-stop inflationary policy; they have intensified and gone global, but the mechanics have not changed.

The current inflation operation is failing world-wide, with the US holding out for now. As pertains to the gold and gold mining case mentioned in the article below (as we got hyper bullish in Q4 2008), things are moving much more slowly now. The current backdrop is a different animal than the 2008 deflationary impulse, but its potential is to much more wide-ranging and ultimately destructive. (more…)