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The Magnificent Seven

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The low in October was a very important technical low on all equity indices, and one of my daily optic run folders shows all of the patterns formed on my main group of these since that October low. I know that there are many wondering why I think that a significant high is imminent, and hopefully this will shed some light on this for them. Am I right? Well there’s only one way to find out for sure, time will tell as always.

It has been obvious to me for years that there is a lot of crossover between my classical work and Elliot Wave (EW). EW has taken a reputational beating from the forecasting antics of Prechter’s Elliot Wave International over the last decade, but I follow or work with several outstanding EWers who don’t work for the EWI clown show, and there’s no doubt in my mind that EW is a very powerful, though complex and tricky tool. For the sake of clarity and simplicity I’ll explain the chart below from an EW perspective.


Bonds Away!

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Well, now that the Fed has plunged us all $18 trillion in debt, their efficacy is starting to become more clear. Based on the latest GDP figures, the economy has ground to a complete halt and, as I’ve been predicting on my Tastytrade show (and here), the bond bears are returning to their glory.

It all conjures up the real prospect of me hearing, again and again, three words that I crave more than “I love you.” Those three are, in order: Yellen. Is. Screwed.