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A Flat Earth Society of Greeks

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Well the Greeks called the EU’s bluff at the weekend, and after all the tough talk last week it appears that either the EU was bluffing about forcing a grexit, or they’re planning to just ignore the vote and try to agree a deal much along the lines of the one that the Greeks just rejected.

There are some great collective nouns out there such as a murder of crows and a pantheon of gods, but as far as I am aware there is as yet no collective noun for a group of EU ministers. This is an obvious gap to be filled and my suggestion for this is a ‘shambles of EU ministers’. No doubt this will catch on.


Vive la Resistance

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A few hours ago, when I thought I’d get a good night’s sleep (thanks, Coda!) the ES and NQ were raging higher. They have both backed off, however, which makes abundant sense, given the pattern breakdown. The “wall” is holding well, and having gone through all my watch lists yesterday after the close (and seeing many opportunities), I believe I’m going to extend my commitment to short positions even beyond the 160% level I’m at right now.