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What’s Wrong with Class War?

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From time to time, I will hear someone on the news cautioning participants in a conversation that they are saying things in support of “class warfare.” Inevitably, that shuts the conversation even quicker than calling someone a racist (or trotting out some stomach-churning childishness like references to ‘the N word”) . Apparently any notion that doesn’t glorify socioeconomic stratification in our society is denigrated as “class warfare”, and all parties go scurrying for cover.


Three Bounce Plays

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I’m not very accustomed to clicking the “Buy” button, but I’ve been doing that a bit lately, and with good results so far. As I said on my Tastytrade show today, I am “long gold and miners and short everything else with a ticker symbol.”

While I’m working on a more text-rich post, I’ll just dash off this quick one, stating that the three charts below are among my long holdings. I really, really like what miners are looking like recently.

1109-CRK (more…)

Payrolls +271,000; Is the Game Changing?

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I can already tell NFTRH 368 is going to be a flowing thing because there is a lot of on-point material to talk about. So the usual standard charts will be minimized in favor of trying to get a good read on what is in process in the markets, in policy and in the economy.

Specifically, given the October Payrolls data, its effect on interest rates and the US dollar we seem to be back to a point similar to where we were 1 year ago when we used a strong USD (and corresponding weak Yen and Euro) to plot bullish trade possibilities in Japan and Europe, and a bearish environment for US exporters.

But first, with the help of the highly recommended let’s continue to break down the particulars of the Payrolls report (we reviewed monthly ‘jobs’ growth by industry in a post at Inside Jobs.