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Turning Theft into Treasure

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Here’s a fun one, and this only happened last week.

Turns out a couple of yo-yos thought it would be a great idea to bust into a closed taco shop and steal some cash. Little did they know, the place was packed with security cameras inside and out, and every move was recorded crispy and clearly (including the theft itself, of two soon-to-be-discovered-are-empty cash drawers).

Considering how viral this video has already gone, I’m sure they’ll be caught (if they haven’t already), and they’ll be looking at years of jail time. What’s hilarious is how the owner of the taco company had the genius to turn this robbery footage into a hilarious video, which not only virtually guarantees the apprehension of these clowns, but also will surely boost business at this place, since everyone thinks the video is so righteously cool. Watch the whole thing:

As for me, I’m off – – not to rob a fast food joint, but to see The Force Awakens. See you later!