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Your Home is Your Castle (by Bob Kudla)

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Since Tim is taking some time off, and we are in the holiday slumber, I am posting some non direct, market topics. Enjoy.

As the elites desperately try to centralize and homogenize us. Technology allows us to stay a step ahead. This is becoming ever clearer in the home. For rural communities it is now a reality, and increasingly so for the suburban family.

It all started with solar hot water, for the home and the pool. This technology is over 100 years old, and used quite a bit before utility gas replaced it. Now the systems are very space efficient and durable.


Oil Still in Bullish Formation

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The “good news” for oil is that last week’s up-move exhibits bullish form from $34.12 to $38.28.  If accurate, this means that after the current pullback runs its course, NYMEX Crude Oil should embark on another upleg that takes out $38.28 to challenge more extensive resistance at $39.00-$40.00.


Where will the pullback run its course?  My optimal target buy zone is $36.20-$35.50.

Originally published on by Mike Paulenoff.

The ES Triangle

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I’ll be heading out very soon, but I have time for a quick post.

What’s happening this morning is one version of what I hoped wouldn’t happen with my all-cash account: the ES and NQ are in the red and looking weak, and the bears look far better-positioned than the bulls. All this “December rally” nonsense is turning out to be just that. Even energy, which had been the focus on the bulls’ success last week, has fallen to pieces for the 138th time in a row.

The pattern I’ve outlined below is what is going to count for weeks to come. We’ve simply been tracing out a series of lower highs (cyan tint) and a break of 1983 would set us reeling to the downside. As for myself, I’ll be counting the hours until 2015 wraps up so I can trade like a wild man again.