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Down In The Hole

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A big news day today with Janet Yellen talking about the Fed’s future plans to improve the stability of the financial system. Doubtless she will once again be reaffirming the Fed’s complete commitment, having dug a vast economic hole with overly loose monetary policy and low interest rates since Greenspan’s appointment as the Fed Chairman almost thirty years ago, to keep on digging using the same tools until that hole has entirely disappeared. Obviously we should all hope that the Fed’s efforts doing that in the future are more successful than they have been in the past.



Edge of Our Seats

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It’s distressing to me how much raw, unchecked power an old, dumpy, nasal-voiced, unscrupulous human female has over the rest of us (and I’m not talking about Clinton; that doesn’t happen until the election; I’m speaking, of course, of Yellen). As we all sit anxiously awaiting whatever the old biddy has to say about the “Fed Toolbox” (Jesus H. Christ, man……..) the market is absolutely stuck, since the anti-Christ apparently is the only one in charge of all our financial fates. God, I hate that horrid little woman.

The ES is doing absolutely nothing right now. Its range is pretty wide, and if by chance the market doesn’t like what the old bat says, next week we could sink into the lower range. I’m not counting on anything, though. Whenever this disgusting creature gets ready to talk, I get nervous.