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Building Blocks (by The Director)

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Note from Tim: The Director, one of my beloved Slope Plus members and a frequent commenter here on the blog, got in touch with me and composed this post. He and I have been exchanging emails about having more of this kind of content on the site, and I’d be interested to hear what you have to say. Leave questions and remarks in the comments section, as always.

“The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong. ” – Eskimo saying



Couple Commodity Comments

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Happy new week, everyone. I’m relieved we’re past Thanksgiving and can get back to normalcy. I wanted to make a couple of remarks about two big commodities out there – gold and oil.

As for gold, it’s been having a wretched time since July 6th, from which it’s fallen about 15%. It is finally getting a little bit of strength, but I think it’ll be short-lived. The most logical place for it to crawl back would be the gap I’ve pointed out below, just about $1200. After such time, I think the weakness will continue afoot. I have no precious metals positions at all right now, but if gold strength continues, I’ll be looking hard at GDXJ again for a short sale.



Splodgeness Abounds

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I christened a new TA setup in yesterday’s Chart Chat and I’ve clipped out the beginning of that to show what I was saying on the ES/SPX, NQ/NDX and TF/RUT charts then. I’m not certain that this innovation will guarantee my elevation to the TA Hall of Fame, but at the least it was funny and you can see that clip here:-) – The Springheel Splodge revelation.

As I am saying in the clip, the bears have something to prove here in terms of showing that this might be a two way market, but there is a retracement coming at some point that should retrace this triangle thrust back to the 2168-70 area and possibly lower. I talk in more detail about the short term setup in the video I recorded this morning. The charts below are the ES, NQ & TF charts I posted for members at this morning.

ES Dec 60min chart:

161128 AM ES Dec 60min


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