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Ridiculous Year-End Predictions

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Sigh. Well, they’ve started in force, especially in the world of financial media. The pundits are trotting out all the “surprises” and “shocks” that are going to take place in 2017.

You know what’s weird about all these articles? Hardly any of them look back to see how the same author did the LAST time they issued a similar missive (e.g. one year prior).

I thought of this just now, since I was intrigued at the post over on ZH about Doug Kass’ 15 big surprises for 2017. To his credit, unlike Gartman, at least he’s REALLY specific with his predictions, and some of them are real doozies.


Amazing Set Change

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I’ve been an on again/off again fan of Saturday Night Live since the late 1970s when I watched it with my siblings. I’ve known for years that the studio in which it’s taped is surprisingly small, but I saw this video recently that gives you a sense as to what they have to go through to make a live show happen in this tiny space. Take a look at this set change from the cold opening to the host’s monologue…….