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Happy Easter from Sixth Grade Tim

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Interesting little tidbit about this photo………the above really was a shot from Audubon Elementary School. You can see from the picture that, even as a child, I tended to take things seriously. The girl on the right is Leigh Ann Williams – – the sort of girl I always liked. Specifically: smart. She wasn’t quite as fond of me. I distinctly remember in the first grade, she grabbed me by the collar with both hands, pulled me forward, and said, “You think life is just a big joke, don’t you?”

Surprisingly how insightful some seven year olds can be. Happy Easter.

Snap, Crackle, and Proof

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Proposition: Snap, Inc. probably owns the world’s largest collection of child pornography.

Consider this:

(1) SnapChat has over 300,000,000 monthly users around the world;

(2) There are about a million photos and videos posted by Snap users every single day;

(3) About one-quarter of the user base is under 18 years old;

(4) As is well-known, a meaningful percentage of the images exchanged are of an erotic nature, since the entire product positioning is based upon the ephemeral nature of the posts (for the slower Slopers, that means the pictures vanish in ten seconds);