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Fat Chance

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Last week, I stopped at the supercharger on the Google campus, and I walked over to Zareen’s, a popular place for Indian/Pakistani food to get a couple of mango lassis and samosas.

While waiting there, I noticed an unusually fat Indian kid. I would guess him to be about 15-16 years old, and well north of 200 pounds. I noticed him not just because of his size, but also because he was in a dress shirt, slacks, tie, and had a name tag dangling from a lanyard. Nearby was his also-very-fat father, who was dressed more casually. I noticed on the name tag was printed Camp BizSmart.


SlopeCharts Improvements

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The insane decision to create a new charting platform from scratch (SlopeCharts, of course) turns out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Thank GOD i was lunatic enough to do this, because I’d be screwed without it (plus the powers that be at Ameritrade can’t decide to nuke SlopeCharts like they did my beloved ProphetCharts). I’m especially in love with the Preload Data feature (among the PLUS exclusives) which makes looking at hundreds of charts a breeze.

We’ve recently added a couple of tweaks to the product I wanted to mention. First of all, it occurred to me that the way we represent “tagged” symbols (coloring them red) and one of the ways to represent “duplicate” symbols (coloring them red) was confusing. Therefore, tagged symbols now have a little tag next to them, whereas the three methods of highlighting duplicate symbols remains unchanged. (more…)

Mr. Trump: You May Not Want To Take Credit For The Stock Market Just Yet

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Stock market is still bullish

If you have followed my analysis through the years, you would know that I have correctly been steadfastly bullish the stock market for quite some time.   In fact, I was one of the very few who expected the market to rocket higher even after Donald Trump won the election last year.

And, now, we are approaching the S&P 500 target in the 2500SPX region we expected to strike in 2017.  However, just because the market has rallied strongly after the election as we expected, it does not mean we expect it to continue into the next election season. And, let me explain why that is so important.