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Ribbons of Complacency

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One of my favorite studies is one that isn’t seen much, and it’s called a ribbon study. It’s the application of a large quantity of moving averages (sixteen, I think) that are relatively close in periodicity, thus forming a ribbon-like structure around price that twists and turns. It tends to get denser (and darker) at inflection points (or at least points of inactivity).

I applied it to the VIX, as shown below, hiding the price data itself and showing only the study. I’m not going to pretend any great insight leapt out of this chart, but maybe it will for you. If nothing else, it’s real purty.


A Volatile 2017 Q4 Awaits US Equities

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Further to my post of September 25 (regarding GOP legislation failures), watch for an increase in volatility and a potential rotation out of equities (SPX) and into commodities (GOLD and OIL) and currencies (US Dollar) for Q4 of 2017.

With respect to volatility, watch for a potential “SELL” signal to form on the RSI, MACD and PMO technical indicators, as price whipsaws in between major resistance at 250 and major support at 200, as shown on the following SPX:VIX ratio chart.

SPX:VIX Daily Ratio chart