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Hedgers Lose Hope

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I’ve been reading ZeroHedge regularly since it launched in early 2009 (ironic timing, wouldn’t you say?), and although the comments section there tends to be rougher than a skid row neighborhood, it’s interesting to glance at it to see how the ZH zeitgeist is holding up.

It seems that even the world-is-going-to-end crowd at ZH has finally given up. There was a time not long ago when articles like this one which appeared today would have attracted applause and agreement. But witness the reactions now: (more…)

He’s Got a Bomb

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This is going to be a weird post. But, come on, it’s totally dark outside, I’m standing here in my bare feet with my dogs looking at me, and you’re just……..sitting there. So who are you to judge?

I will set this up by recalling an X-Files episode from 1999 called Monday.The show is about people being stuck in a time loop in which they are all killed by a bomb used in a bank robbery. As the article explains, in part:

┬áTo the audience, time itself is stuck in a loop. Everyone is oblivious to the repetition of events except for one person, Pam. Over multiple iterations of the events, Pam does everything in her power to save the agents, including trying to prevent them from entering the bank, trying to inform them of the time loop, and even begging Skinner not to let the police into the building. It is implied that she has lived these events many times, as she refers to having had Mulder ask her the same question over fifty times. There are subtle changes in the events, and Mulder and Scully’s conversation is worded differently each time, but the results are always the same: Bernard detonates the bomb, usually after shooting Mulder, and they all die. (more…)