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Eyes Without a Bass

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Since I don’t really play any musical instruments, I’ve always been fascinated by those who do. Many of the layers of a song are missed as we enjoy it, but the bass line to Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face” is really cool, so I thought I’d seek out a guy playing just the bass part. I find this mesmerizing (and if nothing else, it’s cool background music while you do your trading):

The Nightly Bounceback

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It’s become a joke lately – – the market will sell off during the evening, sometimes gaining real momentum, and then – – voila! — it’s all gone. It’s happening again as I am typing this at 5:25 in the morning. I had woken up at 2:33 and glanced at my iPad and noticed the ES was down over 17 points. Nice! But I’ve grown cynical enough to accept it wouldn’t last. And, yep, as I stand here, it’s down less than 10. I guess the algos still have some work to do before it’s totally gone. Again.


I read a comment one guy posted that said the easiest trade in the world these days was to buy any opening-bell dip and sell at the end of the day. It’s almost like an ATM machine. Something tells me he’s on to something.