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He’s a Lucky Man

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I seem endlessly drawn to documentaries about broken, emotionally-damaged men (gee, why would THAT be?) and I just finished watching something which might top them all: Gilbert.

I first learned about this movie a couple of months ago, and the post’s title, This Looks Great….Can’t Wait hints at my feelings about it based on nothing more than the trailer. I’m not normally inclined to pay to see stuff, but in this case, I cheerfully paid the $3.99 to YouTube to watch the documentary, and it exceeded my best expectations. For one thing, it’s jam-packed with other comics……..



The Survivors – Part 1 of 4

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Preface to all four parts: This weekend, I’m taking my short portfolio and sharing it in its entirety with Slopers. It is broken into four parts, two for everyone and two for PLUS members. I have made a point of zooming in to the most salient part. As always, you can see any of these charts in their entirety on the wonderful SlopeCharts system.

Some trendline damage already here; looking for a more definitive break: