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Semi Bullish?

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As an email from [omitted] entitled “Cyclical Indicators Soar” hits my inbox, I thought I’d update a cyclical indicator of another kind. You know, the friggin’ cyclical indicator that preceded them all? Why, it’s none other than our Canary in a Coal Mine, the Semi sector and in particular, Semi Equipment. The progression and projection we used back in 2013 was Semi Equipment → Semis → General Manufacturing → Jobs → Completely bubble headed euphoric mania with a business friendly corporate stooge in the White House. Okay, well I just added that last part in, but you get the point.

The answer to the title question is no. We’ve put forth reason to believe that the earliest of birds, the Semi Equipment sector, may have issues in 2018. What’s more, this warning to ignore a MarketWatch article and the newly bullish fund manager it highlighted came exactly 2 days before the SOX index made its top. (more…)

Let Me Satisfy Your Data Needs

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Sounds like a saucy subject post, doesn’t it? But I’m serious.

I recently fell into an email conversation with a SlopeCharts user who expressed a strong interest in seeing stock data for a particular country outside the United States. Given the success of cryptocurrency data on SlopeCharts, I’ve been increasingly interested in offering other kinds of data and equities from other countries. So if you have something in mind you’d like to see on SlopeCharts with respect to a data offering, please email me. I’m interested!

The Speed of Lite

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If it weren’t for cryptos, I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Because, Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, the completely-rigged, utterly-controlled equity markets have become as boring as the director’s cut of a Janet Yellen sex tape.

Having said that, it’s refreshing to see charts which actually act like charts, such as LiteCoin (which seems due for a breather right about now):

slopechart_$LTC (2)