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Trump: China’s Mandate from Heaven (by Binkius Hippo)

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Too Long, Didn’t Read Summary:

• China is economically screwed up beyond belief.
• Xi realizes this (being the leader of financial reform in China).
• China’s economy is going to implode.
• Xi has to make sure he survives.
• Xi can’t reform the economy, so he’s prepared by purging the party of all opposition.
• Xi has anointed himself emperor so a future leader cannot scapegoat and execute him.
• Xi has to make sure the communist party survives.
• To maintain the imperial mandate of heaven, he has to unite the Chinese people around the Chinese Communist Party instead of having the people blame the CCP.
• Trump is perfect.
• Foreign aggressor.
• Plays on racial memories of the Boxer Rebellion and subjugation by the west.
• Incoherent trade war spun in the Chinese press as unfairly attacking China.
• Trump’s proposals won’t bring jobs back to the USA (as the factories will just move from China to other SE Asian manufacturing countries).
• China’s best way out of the financial implosion is rapid and drastic RMB devaluation. A trade war gives political justification for this.
• 40% minimum devaluation needed to save the Chinese financial system. SPX goes to 500.
• Trump gone at SPX’500. China can then negotiate with new American president. (more…)

Where’s Money Parked Globally This Year?

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The following year-to-date graphs simply show, at a glance, which global indicesUS sectors, commoditiescurrenciesbonds, as well as the FAANGs, have gained/lost the most, so far.

My only comment is keep an eye on China, the Canadian and Aussie Dollars, as well as Canada and Australia, in particular..further weakness could hint of a recession in the not-too-distant future.


Push for PLUS (Part 3 of 4)

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Preface to all four parts: The new Slope of Hope has been in development for months, and we’re getting close to launch (for a sneak peek video, click here). This new site has cost a fortune, so I’m definitely in the mood to drum up subscriptions (I’ll mention the new site has quite a few PLUS-exclusive features). So I’m doing something I hardly ever do, which is offer a coupon to encourage people to sign up. As usual, to subscribe, just click here, and you can use the special coupon code newslope to enjoy a $49.95 discount (which gets you a free month if you’re doing month-to-month or chops the same amount off the price of an annual). This weekend, I’ve busted my 72 positions into 4 equal videos, and 2 of those are PLUS only. So if you’ve ever thought about being a premium member, now’s a great opportunity! – – Tim (more…)