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Young Traders, Unite!

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For years, the fellows on ZeroHedge – – and, on occasion, here on – – have teased fabled commentator Dennis Gartman for his financial picks. It seems that he is driven in no small part by whatever is hot or cold at a given time. In other words, seat-of-the-pants emotions seem to be an important element in the ideas offered.

However, I’ve stumbled upon someone who seems to completely out-Gartman Gartman, and although I know very little about the man himself, he has a huge YouTube following. His channel on YouTube is called “Financial Education”.

I stumbled across this fellow for the first time because of some videos he posted about Tesla. Over the course of just 48 hours, he released at least five lengthy videos about why Tesla was an amazing stock to buy or, alternately, why it must be dumped immediately. As you can tell from the change of facial expressions below, he went from ecstatically proclaiming that Tesla was heading to $3,000 per share (September 27th, at the bottom) to a declaration that I’m So Done (September 29th, the top).  (more…)