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Our Patron Saint and Voting

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As the results begin trickling in over the coming hours, I thought I’d share a couple of more ‘election thoughts’ in a post. For one thing, on just about every site I visit, I’m confronted with some kind of reminder or “Guide to Voting”…….even the most popular site on the planet has changed its home page.

I’ve got to say, it sort of bugs me that so many parties work so hard to “get out the vote”. Between the “Motor Voter” bills, the registration drives, the endless sites that will hold your hand through the process………I just don’t get it. I mean, this isn’t like flying a Boeing 787, folks. It’s pretty simple. And, in my opinion, if someone is too (i) stupid; or (ii) lazy to have to be cajoled, poked, or instructed how to vote, I’d rather not have their opinion influencing the shape of the world in the first place. (more…)

How Swiftly Sentiment Changes

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First of all, gold and silver members should know that an updated post about the coolest and most amazing chart I’ve ever done in my life is awaiting you; by now, you should have received an email bringing that to your attention.

A few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the revelation that Saudi Arabia likes to chop up bodies of journalists who threaten their regime, the “experts” were breathless with price projections.


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