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Art of the Deal

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Steak and malbec. Applause. An unexpected photograph. ES up over 50. Laughter at the bears. Cancellations from those too cowardly to stand fast. Absolute certainty that lifetime highs were on the way. Praise of our really smart, great-father, great-husband President. And plus he’s a genius businessman and really honest. You fucking bet. And then……….

Meanwhile, I have my Blue Bottle, I’m watching Magnolia, and I am updating my stops. I am the light fighting the darkness. And the light is going to win. But I’m not going to insult your President, because he’s just a great, great guy. Absolutely.

Christmas Seals

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There’s a town here in the Bay Area you’ve probably heard of called Oakland. You’ve probably also heard the famous phrase about it uttered by Gertrude Stein: “There’s no there there.” I’m reminded of this quote because of the “truce” announced. My instant reaction was that it was a nothing-burger, which was met with screams and cries of distress that it was, in fact, An Awesome Amazing Deal. But it seems it’s starting to dawn on the rest of the planet that maybe this kicking-the-can-down-the-road exercise does, in fact, constitute “no there there”.

For a while last night, it truly seemed to be the case, although I’m sorry to report most of the red has been washed away. Interestingly, the gap between Friday (pre-truce) and Sunday (post-truce) was almost perfectly sealed on the NQ.


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