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Ya Lazy Bum!

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It’s a holiday weekend, so I suspect a lot of folks are enjoying time with friends and family. I elected to invest part of my Saturday exploring the new SlopeCharts economics data panel (yeah, it’s sad). I stumbled upon this little gem, which is the average workweek in Britain from 1599 to present (the easy-to-remember symbol is FR:AWHWUKA). It seems to have peaked around 1829 at nearly 70 hours a week! I suspect those folks would consider modern-day folks to be dilitentes.

slopechart FR AWHWUKA

A Joe Biden Stock Market

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Former Vice-President Joe Biden may run for President in the 2020 election. He stated recently that his platform would be the Obama/Biden policies of yesteryear.

Were he to be elected, and if the old Obama policies were resurrected, we could very well see the S&P 500 Index return to pre-Trump levels around the 2200 level, or lower, as shown on the monthly chart below.

In the two years since President Trump took office, the SPX has gained around the same number of points as it did in the last four years of Obama’s presidency. Those gains are in jeopardy, as uncertainty will weigh on markets in anticipation of a possible return to a more socialist agenda under Biden, or an even more far-left leaning Democrat.