Crypto Forked Over Again

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Lord knows the world has been subjected to a mountain of craptastic come-ons from the smarmy world of cryptocurrencies over the past few years……

When Bitcoin crashed from $20,000 to $3,500, I figured we were past this insanity, but it came back, Theranos style, for a weak second act. Just last month, these kinds of headlines appeared:

Article after article was obsessed by “the Bitcoin fork”, which they pledged up and down would guarantee big profits. The entire crypto world was rock-solid-certain that you were an idiot if you didn’t buy all the Bitcoin you could afford.

Never one to miss top-ticking a market, Tom Lee had to pile on again, after having made countless failed predictions about crypto in the years prior.

Of course, I’m no longer privvy to what the man is saying on his Twitter feed, since they decided to put me on the shit list ages ago.

Suffice it to say that, yet again, the crypto freaks were dead wrong. The market basically told crypto enthusiasts to go fork themselves.

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