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Biggy Smalls

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I don’t usually talk about my family life, but I’d like to make a small exception to make a point with respect to the well-intentioned SBA program to support small businesses.

My beloved wife has a clinical practice which is the very definition of a small business. It’s a one-person shop. She had a multi-month waiting list, and plenty of clients, but that all got zeroed out with the lock-down. She had to cancel every single person, because her practice requires face to face interaction. So revenue went from great to zilch instantly.

Mercifully, we are financially secure enough that this multi-month zeroing-out of income doesn’t affect us. She’s not eligible for unemployment, because she is self-employed, but she is most certainly eligible for the PPP. However, in spite of doing all the application properly, we have heard absolutely nothing, nor, frankly, do I expect to. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to get $0.00 from the entire program. (Larry Kudlow’s third wife, on the other hand, got her money instantly, as the cocaine-addled numbskull loudly declared on public media).