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First of all, RuffPup left something in the comments section I found surprisingly interesting, which is this photo:

Apparently right-brained and left-brained people perceive this photo differently. If you see pink and white, it’s said you are right-brained; if you see green and grey, left-brained. I honestly thought this was a prank, but I’ve surveyed the members of my family using this photo, and it actually lines up 100% by gender. All the males see green/grey, and all the females see pink/white!

Here, just for fun…………..

Anyway, my last post must have come across as far more of a pity party than I intended, since so many folks were offering words of encouragement and support. I didn’t mean it that way. I was just “typing out loud”, as I sometimes like to do. But I truly do appreciate the solace!

There were a few interesting comments I thought I’d respond to here. The first one, I already replied, but here it is (click any image, as always, for a big version).

The next question has to do with “what’s next?”

I understand the concern here. If there is any universal thought out there right now (and I’m seeing it everywhere), it is this: “The market doesn’t exist anymore. The Fed is in complete control. There’s no point doing anything except buying whatever they are buying.”

That may be true. It seems very likely to be true. And if it’s true for the long term, well, I guess I’d better focus on my second career as a shoe salesman, because there’s not a single reason anybody who studies financial markets should bother doing so ever again.

I’d like to clarify my talk about “150% committed” and so forth, especially since I mention it so often. I have a margin account that can go up to about 240% of my cash. By and large, I tend to linger at about 160% or so. When I’m cautious, I might crank it down under 100% (like right now). When I’m being crazy-aggressive, I’ll deploy every penny.

As for my portfolio vis a vis my net worth………I guess the answer is “inconsequential”. I’d be surprised if it’s even 1%.

One last thing: although Slope is in its 16th year (can you believe it?) I remain humbled, warmed, and touched by the collective intellect and sharing of this community. We have built something quite remarkable here which must continue to be nurtured and grown. I am truly not worthy of this place, but I am appreciative of your presence here.

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