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I can’t imagine anyone who could be as excited as I am about my plunging popularity. Precisely as I predicted in mid-March, Slope’s exploding traffic would not last.

The “foul-weather friends”, curiosity-seekers, and looky-loos peek their beaks into the bearish cave, look around, and flee the moment the market gets strength again. Happens every time. The dotted line, by the way, is normal traffic, whereas the blue line shows how traffic ripped higher about 100%.

For one thing, I got rid of advertisements on the site a long time ago, which means I’m insouciant about how many people crowd into this place. (And, of course, not having ads means the site is faster for everyone, and way less annoying).

Second, and more important, I consider the traffic to be a contrary indicator. When everyone and his brother crowded into Slope, I figured the equity selling wouldn’t last, and it didn’t (which is why I seriously asked around March 20th if I could buy Slope Traffic Puts somewhere).

The fact that only the die-hards are still here is delightful to me.

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