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Healthy as a Horse

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It’s clear that there’s only one thing whose health matters in this market: Powell’s Printer. And it’s doing just fine, as you can clearly see, since even the news about the most powerful man in the world being afflicted with the most famous disease in the world has, after a few hours, ZERO effect.

The /RTY futures, having undone the entirety of the Covid plunge

I have developed a healthy distrust of this so-called market; instead of adding to my shorts, I actually closed some, taking my position count from 48 to 43, with a new commitment level of 118%.

By the way, thanks for all the nice words about the iPhone app. If you don’t have it yet, please get it here.

Deux Ex Machina

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In the span of merely hours, during one overnight session, we’ve experienced

(a) the passage of a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill (which, paradoxically, means no bill will pass)

(b) the news that the American POTUS and his most recent wife have Covid

(c) the final monthly jobs reports prior to the election which, as I’m typing this, isn’t out yet (a new post won’t be up until well after this report, so its effects can’t be reflected here).

The biggest news is “B“, of course, and frankly its effects aren’t that staggering. Yes, the VIX spiked, but it has already lost half that punch: