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Unite Us in Song

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I’m just so weary of it all. I don’t care about any of these people. Trump. Biden. Hunter. Kayleigh. Not a single one. They could all be gathered together – – every single federal employee, from Powell on down, and be vaporized in a thermonuclear explosion, and we’d all be better off.

As I see it, for the whole of my life, the federal government has had two accomplishments: (1) taken away lots of my cash in taxes, which it has thrown away (2) divided the country.

That’s it. Nothing more. Divided us from top to bottom. From a national scale right down to the comments section of my beloved site.

I take solace in song. I watch something like the clip below and am reminded that it is still possible for people to create beautiful things together. There is still harmony. There is still joy. There is still the soothing melancholy of song and adoration. I live there, because it is shelter enough from the swill and discord that surround us all.


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We now have, understandably, a market that simply doesn’t know what to do with itself. With a mere three trading days left between now and the (ostensible) election results, people are frozen into inaction. In an odd way, it has created a bizarre equilibrium.

Last night, the Russell 2000 futures went into a freefall, magically hitting precisely their low from the prior night before violently reversing. How about that!