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Why Silver Now

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When people think of precious metals investing, usually an image of gold bars or coins comes to mind. However, this initial idea does not begin to scratch the surface of precious metals investing. This type of thinking overlooks the fact that many buy silver or other metals like platinumpalladium, and rhodium. Not every bullion investor buys silver because it is a smaller market and does not carry the same value as gold. So, you might be wondering why buy silver now if gold is more precious? What is there to gain from investing in silver? For starters, it is important to know how the market works and why Biden’s presidency spells a higher silver price in the near future.


Ethereal Pattern

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I just realized something odd that never occurred to me before: pizza was instrument to computers entering the households of America.

To explain:

  1. In the mid-1970s, good quality video games were far too expensive for a typical consumer, but most local pizza joints could afford the few thousand bucks that they cost;
  2. Kids and teens would flock to these places (I was one of them) in the late 1970s and drop in quarters with abandon;
  3. Eventually the ability to play games was made accessible and affordable, so American families had the incentive to spend a few hundred bucks to bring the aforementioned electronics into the home;
  4. Once consumer electronics (in the form of Atari, Nintendo, etc.) were popularized, it paved the way for the superset of videogame controllers, which was the personal computer.