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Optimism Unwind

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I guess $2 trillion doesn’t mean as much as it used to. After yesterday’s “leak” of the latest hurricane of free money came out, the small caps exploded to a never-before-seen level (green arrow). Pretty much the moment Biden talked about it for real, things started to unwind. The whole thing is a comic farce. Free trillions out of thin air. This nation has absolutely zero dignity left at this point.


Bear Arms

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At the end of my well-received Harmony at Gunpoint post, I wrote:

The main risk for the world, I think, is a military one. As long as consumerism – – the new opiate of the masses in China – – continues to thrive, then all will be well. But, for whatever reason, if a long-lasting global financial crisis takes hold, and prosperity in China falters badly, then Xi will take the route any self-respecting dictator would take: he will divert the attention of the masses to a common enemy, outside the confines of the Middle Kingdom, and create war. And that is the greatest risk of all.

Coincidentally, the graphic below just came out. Yikes.

Infographic: The Largest Militaries in the World | Statista