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Silver: This Is Awkward

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Damn. We’re Bullish On Silver Again

Well, this is awkward. Let’s drop the royal “we” for this post. I, David Pinsen, the founder of Portfolio Armor, called silver “The Family Circus of investments” a few days ago. That was an allusion to this scene in the 1999 movie Go where one character explains why he hates the comic strip The Family Circus.

Timothy Olyphant in Go (1999) explaining why he hates The Family Circus.

Cocktail Workshop

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Please take note that we are planning a major system upgrade this afternoon, so it’s possible the site will behave oddly (or even vanish!) during our efforts. Fear not; the market is closed, and all will be well in due time. So if we vanish, go do something you enjoy for a while. Slope will return when we’re done with our labors. Maybe tonight. Maybe in the morning. But as soon as we’re done. Promise!


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Baby Bear sent me an article last night that I found nothing short of shocking. I received the piece late at night, but it was engaging enough that I gave it a reasonably decent skim, and that alone was enough to spook me into dumping a portion of my crypto holdings. I promised myself I would give the article a close read the next day as well as share the article with you all. I have done both.

This isn’t an article I want to share for you to glance at for a few moments for amusement or curiosity. Those truly interested will need to devote a solid half hour of concentrated reading to truly get it, because it’s detailed, intricate, and well-researched. Here is the link to the article, named The Bit Short, and by no means am I going to try to summarize it here, because it deserves a full and complete reading.



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I wanted to thank everyone for participating in the Slope What Do You Trade” survey (if you haven’t, please do so; it takes one second and is helpful to me). I’d like to share the results with everyone right now. I must say, the results were not what I expected! Futures are more popular than I guessed (I would suspect ES plays a big role) and I incorrectly assumed more people did fancy-pants complex options strategies as opposed to the simple directional stuff that I do. Anyway, thank you again; this gives me helpful guidance based on facts instead of guesswork.