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Treading Water

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marines treat water

Sometimes trading opportunities stare you right in the face but most traders are either unable or unwilling to see them. A lot of that has to do with what many refer to as one’s personal ‘lens’. But honestly the reality is that many traders have a tendency to stick with what they already know and the way they do it, even if that has been proven to not yield positive results on a long term basis.


Surprisingly Reliable

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If I’m anything as a trader, I’m curious. I wonder constantly. What about this? What about that? How do these interact? What has happened historically in this particular situation?

Excel has been my go to fact checker for probably close to a decade now. It’s simple enough for me and does what I need it to do. It has also convinced me that I could never be a computer programmer. My go to condition checking formula is a basic if>then statement:

“IF this condition exists, (and this, or this, occur at the same time), THEN state it as the value of: (the upper bollinger, current price, 10MA + $5, etc.)”

They can get pretty complicated sometimes and anything beyond a few conditions and I’m likely to have a formula error because I missed a parenthesis or a comma, and then my eyes start to cross and my brain gets the blue screen of death. My solution in these cases is to break the formula down in a basic word doc and put it together piece by piece.