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I’ll once again state a theme I’ve embraced, which is Quality instead of Gizmos (Don’t worry, gizmo fans, there will come a day when I go back to that). Thus, any product announcements I make will be more along the lines of “this no longer sucks” as opposed to “Wow, look what I just did!” This is one such post.

One thing that has bothered me forever in SlopeCharts is how, when drawing an object, I couldn’t anchor it into the future. This is easier shown than described, so here’s what I am talking about. Take a few moments to watch:


How a Covered Strangle Can Greatly Enhance Your Return

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Several weeks ago, I wrote about short strangles and how they offer investors one of the highest-probability strategies on the market. If managed correctly, short strangles are an incredible strategy. But the capital required can be steep, so most investors shy away. Plus, the thought of being naked on both sides of a trade (call and put) can potentially lead to a few sleepless nights—that is, if managing risk is an afterthought.