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Jade Lizard Options Strategy

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Before I get started I want to encourage all of you interested in trading options to sign-up for my free weekly newsletter. No, I’m not going to send you more than the one email a week and no I’m not running a service. I’m a trader. This is completely free from all marketing. You will find educational topics, research, trade ideas, weekly indicators and more each week. I’ve been on Slope for a long, long time and would love your all of your support. Thanks.

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I receive an overwhelming amount of emails asking about how to invest in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the like. Unfortunately, as a quant-based trader/investor, I always want probabilities on my side, so buying into one of the thousand or so cryptos just isn’t my style.

However, we are starting to see some liquid products with options move into the crypto market and that is something that draws my attention. But before I get to an example of a potential trade, I also want to discuss the strategy I will be using.


Curve Ball

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Good morning, everyone. Well, here is the state of California, we all woke up to our gubernatorial recall election being a total joke, with nearly 70% voting against the recall. So there’s another quarter billion dollars of taxpayer bucks (which flow from the state’s 10%+ income tax rate, which applies to capital gains too, by the way) flushed down the toilet. At least it gave me fodder for a funny post about the freak show of candidates.

As a comment cleaner, I offer below one of the few cryptos which excites me right now, which is Curve DAO (symbol $CRV). I like the price action and the complementary behavior of the volume.

slopechart CRV