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Tesla Reflections

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I wanted to toot my own horn a bit – – God knows none of my subscribers are going to do it for me – – and reflect upon my recent Oh-my-God-accurate Tesla predictions to illustrate good old charting in action.

Let’s start off with this premium post that I did on November 5th. Pure and simple, I called a top. I didn’t hem and haw like some Elliott Wave goon. I didn’t say maybe it’ll go up, maybe it’ll go down, time will tell. I said it’s topped out. Not only that, I did so in the midst of the stock raging to levels never seen before. In retrospect, I called the top within literally a few trading hours from its absolutely top tick.


Just to show how bold – – some may say reckless – – this call was, I present to you the chart at the time. I challenge you to find anyone else on this planet on 7 billion people who made such a call. Just me. Just here on Slope. I called the top when everyone else was embracing the “base case” of TSLA going to $1800.