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Chopped Liver

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In recent days, I have been thinking deeply about what I can do to improve my trading. I’m a simple soul, so I like rules or mnemonics that are easy to remember and understand. Thus, I present to you what I hope to be my watchword when it comes to trading: PATE

It is pronounced as two syllables (as in the spreadable comestible) and it stands for Patience, Always Trade Extremes.

The “patience” is obvious. That is, be patient enough to wait for true opportunities. And what opportunities, pray tell, do I mean? Well, EXTREME opportunities. When something is stretched so high (as in my “sure-fire” XLE trade last week) or so low (as with XRT and TSLA this morning) that the risk/reward ratio is terribly appealing. And it’s not just price extremes. It also applies to slam-dunk, killer price patterns (like EFA and EMB).

I’m going to try to burn this into my head and actually live it. Let’s see if it helps! Maybe it’ll help you, too.


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I am very rarely pleased with my own trading. Today, however, was the very rare exception that I would give myself an “A-“ for the day as a whole. A few observations and remarks about this tumultuous FIRST day of an insane week:

  • My premium post anticipating a huge bounce was spot-on;

  • My insane premium post about buying Tesla (yep, Tesla!) preceded a 80 point ramp;

  • And my decision to gobble up a ridiculous amount of IWM Friday calls threw off a 75% profit so far

So, for once, I’m not beating myself up about the countless things I did wrong. Monday was absolutely terrific. I hope it’s the start of a trend that lasts longer than a few hours.