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The Money Trough Remains Open

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A few of you may have heard of a website called Cointracker. It has a single purpose: to calculate profits and losses (well, losses, mostly) of cryptocurrency traders for the sake of tax reporting. Sounds useful and straightforward, right? I agree. And yet in my email this morning:


So they got another HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in funding for a website which already does what it needs to do? There’s going to be some SERIOUS slick calculations going on now, buddy.

That’ll Do, Pig

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One chap wrote me this morning offering thanks for hand-holding for the bears during the inevitable fight-backs by the bulls (like, oh, all last night and this morning). I appreciate the gratitude, but believe me, I write words of affirmation and assurance as much for my sake as yours! I will note this morning, as the Fed was furiously bidding up equities to try to undo some of Powell’s damage yesterday, that our Maginot Line at 4428 continues to hold, God bless it.