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Pain in Palo Alto

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In downtown Palo Alto, the two main streets are University Avenue and Hamilton Avenue. On Hamilton Avenue is a web company called SE Ranking, whose engineers are largely from Ukraine. I pass it almost every day of the week.

Last Sunday, one of their employees – – Tatiana Perebeinis – – was trying to flee Ukraine with her two children. In spite of Russia’s pledge not to harm civilians, they started shelling the suburban area where Tatiana was frantically crossing a footbridge with her kids, and this was the result:


A Clean Conscience

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I just have a brief, funny anecdote to share. As some of you know, I do a show every weekday on tastytrade called Trading Charts with Tim Knight. This is a Zoom-based show, and normally I share a very specific tab in Chrome, with a restricted zone that is shared with everyone.

Today, for the first time in the ten years I’ve done the show, I accidentally did FULL SCREEN. Now, if I were a different kind of person (and had different kinds of content tucked away on my screen) this could have been a true Jeff Tobin moment. Instead, people got an unexpected view into how boring I am: on my screen was just a list of symbols, a few WordPress tabs, and a video. And that video was………John Mulany comedy. Let’s just say sometimes clean living has its unexpected benefits!